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  • Please review our Borrower Agreement so you are aware of terms and conditions.
  • Preview all resources to ensure they are appropriate for your students.
  • Place all materials in your school's mail pickup area the day before the due date to ensure resources are returned on time.
  • If an extension is needed, contact us or use the Renew feature on the My Account Page.
  • Use Google Chrome to stream videos. Feature films & videos with DRM do NOT play in Internet Explorer/Edge on school computers.  
  • To search/view streaming videos(CBC Curio, Learn360, and Learn360 Feature Film, etc.) you must be logged into Insignia > perform a search and click on the "Streaming Videos" results tab and then the blue link in the title details.
  • Resource Services Regular Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm. 

 Contact Us
To contact Resource Services (novels, audiobooks, kits & streaming) email rsbooking@tvdsb.ca, or phone 519-452-2573 or 519-452-2000 x 21073.

For questions about AV and Computer Equipment Loans, contact x 21055 or thav.loan@tvdsb.ca.